Writing a letter for headship vs leadership

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CV and cover letter examples for teachers

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Paul the Apostle and women

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Feb 28,  · Hi, am starting to look for my first headship, and have just visited a school and decided to apply!! It's a few years since I became a Deputy, and so am a bit unsure of what should be included in my letter of application, to make it more 'Head' than 'Deputy'.

The letter would be addressed to the admission officer, department head or hiring manager, and would include specific skills and experiences that highlight your suitability for the position you’re applying to. The headship of Christ over man, and the Father over the Son, establishes the biblical pattern for relationships between men and women.

Christ remained equal with the Father and the Spirit even as He submitted to the Father’s plan. Women in Ministry This blog is for dialogue on the issue of women in ministry and the freedom for women to teach the bible in a public setting.

you are writing for as well as an example of a great letter! One aspect of writing an effective letter that is of the upmost importance but often overlooked is the salutation or greeting.

Modeling Biblical Headship in the Family and in the Church Writing a letter for headship vs leadership
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