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Writing a Bibliography: MLA Format

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Writing Effective Letters to the Editor

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The most important element of writing a good letter is your ability to identify and write to your audience. If you are writing a letter to your love interest, it will be crafted in an entirely different manner than if you are writing a letter to the human resources department of a large corporation.

Before you put pen to paper, you need to understand exactly what you want your letter to accomplish. If you're clear about the end result, it will be easier for you to accomplish your goal—getting the editor of the newspaper to publish your letter. New Letters is pleased to announce the winners of the $2, Conger Beasley Jr.

Prize for Nonfiction, the $1, New Letters Prize for Fiction, and the $1, Prize for Poetry. See the winners, judges, and finalists here. Are you motivated to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper or magazine?

Find instructions on writing your letter and getting it published! PhotoAlto/Sigrid Olsson/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images For Students & Parents. Homework Help Tools & Tips How to Format and Write a Simple Business Letter.

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What Do Editors Do? Brenna Swanston is a freelance writer, editor and journalist. She covers topics including environment, education, agriculture, travel, immigration and religion. She previously reported for the Sun newspaper in Santa Maria, Calif., and holds a bachelor's in journalism from California Polytechnic State University.

How to Write a Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper Write a letter to editor of newspaper format images
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