Write a letter of recommendation for a professor emeritus

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The Right to a Recommendation?

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How to Write a Recommendation Letter

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Douglas Southall Freeman, E. "First of all, a professor has a right to decline a request to write a letter of recommendation under any circumstances: that’s a choice a professor makes about a student and a goal.

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In this case I think it’s the ethical thing to do. This page will provide bios and disclosures for all authors. Authors are listed in alphabetical order according to last name. How to Write The Names of Members Of the Armed Services on Invitations & How to Address Invitations To Members of The Armed Services Questions & Answers, Frequently Asked Questions, and Blog.

So that emeritus professor can write a good letter of recommendation for you. Of course, it is better that nothing. To the best of my knowledge, students usually need two or three letters of recommendation for their PhD applications.

Dr. Drew Appleby, Professor Emeritus at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, an expert on graduate admissions, shares his suggestions for requesting a strong graduate school letter of recommendation, an often overlooked, yet crucial component of your application.

Robert E. Lee's medical history in the context of the practice of nineteenth century medicine.

Write a letter of recommendation for a professor emeritus
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