How to write a letter of support for parole

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Letters to the Parole Board

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Jan 10,  · Parole Support Letters: The following information, taken from Parole Board guidelines has been published once a year for five years, to benefit family and friends of inmates who write letters to the Board of Pardons and Paroles.

How to Write a Letter of Support to the Parole Board of TDC By Kelli Peacock Dunn - Updated June 05, When an inmate you know is preparing for a parole hearing, it is often helpful to submit a letter to the parole board on his or her behalf.

This section of your parole letter might be the toughest thing you ever have to write, whether it is for yourself or someone you believe deserves to be paroled from jail. Give a synopsis of the inmate's history, such as circumstances that led to the crime.

Writing a letter to the Parole Board is one great help you can do for your friend or loved one who is imprisoned. You might be thinking of how to help him in other ways but you may not have any idea of how to get this done in a proper way.

The following guidelines and the sample letter to the board of parole and pardons will help you with the. Why write a parole support letter?

Inmates in the Texas prison system are encouraged by the Board of Pardons and Paroles to provide evidence of support for their release on parole. The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles FAQ page Does the parole panel look at support letters?

A: Support letters are placed in an offender's case file and are available to the parole panel during the parole review process.

What kind of information do I include in a support letter and where do I send it? A: Include information that.

How to write a letter of support for parole
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How To Write A Parole Letter