How to write a letter of recommendation for a family friend

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Sample Letter of Recommendation for a Friend

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21+ Sample Personal Letters of Recommendation – PDF, DOC

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40+ Awesome Personal / Character Reference Letter Templates [FREE]

There is a 4-letter word so pervasive in society today that nobody even seems to notice its use anymore. Like all 4- letter words, it’s ugly and negative, and people tend to use it in frustration.

A sorority letter of recommendation is a document used to support a woman’s application into a specific sorority or women’s fraternity. Some sororities don’t require a letter of recommendation but, those that do, expect the letter to be written by an alumna of the specific sorority the applicant wishes to join.


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I wish to nominate Jane Doe, a friend and colleague of more than ten years, for the Caretaker of the Year Award. Jane and I work together on many fund-raising events each year. Learn how to write a reference letter for a friend with this sample, and get tips on what information to include on your friend's behalf.

Work-Family Balance View All ; visit our other sites. Job Searching Job References; Basics; Make sure you only agree to write the letter if you can write a positive recommendation. If you don’t. A recommendation letter should include information on who you are, your connection with the person you are recommending, why they are qualified, and the specific skills they have.

Letter topics for sales, business or personal letters. Find the letter topic you need for letter writing.

How to write a letter of recommendation for a family friend
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