How to write a character reference letter for immigration sample

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10+ Immigration Reference Letter Templates – PDF, DOC

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Character Reference Letter for Friend

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How to Write a Character Reference Letter

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How to Compose a Sample Character Reference Letter

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character reference letter templates you can download and print for free. We have tips on writing character references as well as example letters, sample character reference letters for court, employment, school, child care and character reference.

I was asked by my sister to write a character reference letter for my 17 y/o nephew who was arrested for DUI in another state following an accident involving 4 parked cars.

No injuries to him or anyone else. He's a really good kid and this is his first offense. I don't know what to include. A Character Reference Letter for Immigration is a recommendation that is written on behalf of someone in support of their immigration application or other associated proceeding.

Immigration judges have considerable discretion. The purpose of this letter is to tilt the balance in the immigrant’s favor by highlighting positive personal characteristics like morality, trustworthiness, and work.

Some companies may ask a job applicant for a letter of recommendation from a current or former colleague. If asked to write this letter, the writer should be. Some employers, such as a law enforcement agency or school, may seek a character reference letter before making a new hire.

You may also be asked to write one for a court case. Character reference letters should be a part of your sentence-mitigation strategy. For guidance, email [email protected] or call If you choose to write a character reference letter, please know that you can help me most if limit your thoughts to what you know about me as an individual.

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Character Reference For Immigration How to write a character reference letter for immigration sample
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Character Reference For Immigration