Cover letter for german student visa

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The cover letter – application in Germany

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Sample Cover Letter for Schengen Visa Application at the French Embassy

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A covering letter is very important document as it the only way you represents yourself to the Consul of the Schengen country.

A good covering letter can convert the direct refusal of a visa to an interview at the Consulate office where you get a chance to make your. Part of that application letter is the Cover Letter, or Letter of Introduction. This letter is used to introduce the student to the consulate.

The letter includes the students name, passport, academic, financial, and any other information required by the embassy. Don’t forget to mention the duration of your stay in cover letter of German Student Visa. And do not copy this format as it is, as the German Consulate people hates who copy the cover letter for German Student Visa.

Well after some research we came up with two options for obtaining a European visa. We could apply for a long stay visitor visa in France or we could apply for an English teaching assistant position in Spain to receive a year long student visa.

We decided that teaching English in Spain was ideal because that’s where we prefer to live and it’d be guaranteed work. Depending on the purpose of your travel to Germany, there are different types of visas that will apply to the occasion.

Whether you are planning to go on a visit, study, business or work and reside in Germany permanently, you will have to apply for a different Germany Visa, accordingly.

Cover letter for german student visa
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The correct cover letter as part of an application in Germany